Summer full of jazz and blues!

During the upcoming summer, a new and varied edition of Kalottjazz & Blues Festival will be presented on the two first days of July. Almost twenty concerts are spread throughout the border geography of Haparanda and Tornio, from the preamble on Thursday to the closing concert on Saturday. 

You will be able to enjoy music in the most unusual venues – for instance on a jetty, in a railway station or at a playground.

Once again, visitors can enjoy music in atmospheric spaces such as the barn at the Åström yard (RIIHIjazz) and the festival culminates late Saturday, with a church concert at Nedertorneå. Festival visitors will meet loads of local talent as well as internationally famous artists. 

The main concerts at Blues Night and Jazz at Art Park feature liquor and food sales. You are also welcome to the event with your own picnic quilt! Blues Night is a K18 event, other events are unlimited. Please note: only card payment is accepted at the festival grounds.

Tickets for the Kalottjazz & Blues Festival are sold at Ticketmaster.fi and the grocery store Prisma in Tornio and in Kemi. Tickets can also be purchased from the Festival Office (Keskikatu 22, Tornio) during: Fri 1 July at 10-17 sv time and Sat 2 July at 11-16 sv time. Remember to exchange the purchased online ticket (applies to Blues Night, Jazz at Art park and Festivalpass) for bracelets either at the Festival Office or at the ticket booth on site before the concert starts. Only card payment for ticket purchases is possible at the festival area.

JazzBuss brings you to the music!

Times fi/swe, rides are free during the festival 
Friday 1.7
to Opening concert kl. 19.00 / 18.00 The Museum of Torne Valley – Tornio, Lukiokatu 11 – Svefi
from Opening concert to Tornio 21.00 / 20.00 Svefi – Tornio, Lukiokatu 11
Blues Nightiin klo 20.30 / 19.30 Tornio, Lukiokatu 11 – Haaparannan rantapuisto
Blues Nightista pois klo 01.15 / 00.15 Haaparannan rantapuisto –Tornio, Lukiokatu 11
Lauantai 2.7.
to Railway station blues – 14.00 / 13.00 Aittakenttä – The Museum of Torne Valley – Haparanda Railwaystation

to Jazz at Art Park 15.30 / 14.30

Haparanda Railwaystation
– Haaparanda town square – The Museum of Torne Valley
Summer light music 19.45 / 18.45 Haaparanda town square – The Museum of Torne Valley – Tornio, Lukiokatu 11 – Alatornio church
from Summer light music 22.00 / 21.00 Alatornio church – Tornio, Lukiokatu 11 – Haaparanda town square
Field at Lukiokatu 11
Haaparanda town square – Köppmansgatan


Club for five  |  Erja Lyytinen band |  Frida Hyvönen

Oulu All Stars Big Band feat Kasmir |  Bill Öhrström

Virginia & Skybenders   |  Saverio Maccne 

Päivi Heikura-Gullsten ja Jani-Petteri Hägg  |  Hulabaloo

Julius Rantala  |  Case Kämäräinen  |  Julye Blom trio

Joni Raikaslehto InFusion  |  Ilaria Cabalbo

trio Laura Mikkola, Linda Lampenius, Jaani Helander

The Molly -trio

Aine park

Torikatu 4, 95430 Tornio, Finland


Strandgatan 20 Haparanda

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