Heinäkuu, 2022

02Heinä13:00Case Kämäräinen- Riihijazz13:00 Finnish time Riihi - Åström barn

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Polish mystery, the echo from Norwegian fjords together with Finnish romance. All this is heard in Case Kämäräinen’s music, a group that plays at this year’s Kalott Jazz & Blues. The international jazz quartet plays music written by drummer Tomi Kämäräinen and the group has recently played with US artist Janet Evra, both in Finland and the USA. The quartet’s melodies are interpreted by Marek Konarski, a Polish saxophonist known from e.g. Tim Hagans Quintet. The brilliant piano improviser Grzegorz Tarwids performance carries on traditions from classical music and influences of free improvisation. The wonderful improviser Petter Asbjørnsen from Norway plays bass.On the ensemble’s latest album, electronic soundscapes and effects are heard that blend perfectly into Kämäräinen’s new music.

  • Tomi Kämäräinen – drums
  • Marek Konarski – saxophone
  • Grzegorz Tarwid – piano
  • Petter Asbjørnsen – bass

Photo: Jari Flinck



(Lauantai) 13:00 Finnish time


Riihi - Åström barn