Heinäkuu, 2022

01Heinä21:30Bill Öhrström - Blues Night21:30 Swedish time Stadsparken, Strandgatan 20 Haaparanta

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Bill Öhrström can rightly be described as the Swedish blues Grand Old Man. He is the man who has played with everything and everyone and has a bag full of tales about everything from how Jimi Hendrix slept over on a mattress at his home, why he refused to become a singer for The Who and when he would form a band with Donna Summers.

In addition to Swedish big names, Öhrström has also played with, among others, the Finnish guitarist Jukka Tolonen. Öhrström released his latest blues album “Unmarried” in 2021 after the critically acclaimed full-length album “Married”. With him is a bunch of solid blues players.

  • Bill Öhrström – vocals,
  • Sverker Blomberg – guitar
  • Magnus Franzén – bass
  • Erik Pettersson – hammond
  • Thomas Lingman – drums



(Perjantai) 21:30 Swedish time



Strandgatan 20 Haaparanta