TIMO Brass Band


The TIMO Brass Band is a group that entertains audiences of all ages with a fast-paced and versatile program. They are known for playing music in the streets and squares – with young and contagious energy. The repertoire consists of both classics and hottest new hits. The band is full of top musicians who want to create something trendy within the classic brass band style.

Aapo Wikstén and Danila Pushin – Trumpet
Esa-Pekka Tupala – Trombone
Lassi Silventoinen – Alto Saxophone
Sami Leponiemi – Tenor Saxophone
Casimir Ekman – Baritone Saxophone
Ville Niemelä and Sanna Sadeharju – Sousaphone
Oskari Auramo and Aleksi Ylimäki – Drums

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by TIMO Brass Band