Yona is a supernova in the starry sky of Finnish pop scene and an acclaimed singer-songwriter. She has released eight records of her own – the latest in 2021, in tandem with the Espoo city orchestra Tapiola Sinfonietta. Yona is a charismatic musician who goes her own way – performing with big emotions and in the moment. She makes a strong impression on her audience with energetic live performances as she moves freely between different music genres. Yona will perform on the main stage, during Saturday’s Jazz at Art Park.

Yona – vocals
Juho Kanervo – cello
Antti Kujanpää – keyboard
Juhani Grönroos – guitar
Antti Kivimäki – bass
Tuomas Timonen – drums
Jaakko Peltonen – lights
Paavo Malmberg – souns

at Kalottjazz & Blues festival