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Thursday 27 June

JazzEtkot | 19.00
Tomas Martin Duo

Tomas Martin Duo

JazzEtkot | Thursday 27 June

Tomas Martin of Seskarö is a seasoned musician and lyricist with a deep affection for creative action. His songs are a blend of regional melancholy, low-key intensity and swing.

Martin secretly opens Kalottjazz & Blues with JazzEtkot on Thursday, a happening arranged in tandem with a local art association.

Tomas Martin – piano
Elisabeth Sandström – vocals

Friday 28 June

Open Air Jazz | 12.00
Lappia Jazz Quintet

Lappia Jazz Quintet

Open Air Jazz | Fri 28 June

Lappia Jazz Quintet consists of music students from the Pop & Jazz conservatory at Vocational College Lappia. They performed at the Open Air concerts of the festival last year and will do so this year too. They also play during Museum Blues at the Tornio Valley museum. These students will graduate this spring and get the opportunity to try their wings out. Kalottjazz & Blues wish them the best of luck with their endeavours!

Anni Mesilaakso – vocals
Matti Väätäjä – double bass
Henri Nilsen – guitar
Tomi Raikaslehto – drums
Joonas Vainiola – keyboards

Photo: Miikka Kauppinen

RIIHI Jazz | 13.30
Trio KaTjinG

Trio KaTjinG

RIIHI Jazz | Friday 28 June

Based in the county of Norrbotten, Trio KaTjinG entertain close to their audience – with emotionally suggestive music. Their repertoire is a potent mixture of folk, ballads and jazz. The band also bring their own compositions to the table, often in odd arrangements.

The trio has graced various venues – including churches, festivals, rustic settings and jazz clubs. The intimate lodge at Kalottjazz & Blues is a perfect setting for a truly folksy concert.

Kicki Enqvist – vocals
Tommy Lakso –  guitar
Gert Dahlström – double bass

MuseoBlues | 15.00
Lappia Jazz Quintet plays blues

Lappia Jazz Quintet plays blues

Museoblues | Friday 28 June

Lappia Jazz Quintet consists of music students from the Pop & Jazz conservatory at Vocational College Lappia. They performed at the Open Air concerts of the festival last year and will do so this year too. They also play during Museum Blues at the Tornio Valley museum. These students will graduate this spring and get the opportunity to try their wings out. Kalottjazz & Blues wish them the best of luck with their endeavours!

Anni Mesilaakso – vocals
Matti Väätäjä – double bass
Henri Nilsen – guitar
Tomi Raikaslehto – drums
Joonas Vainiola – keyboards

Photo: Miikka Kauppinen

Opening concert | 19.00
Sid Hille Foreign Friends

Sid Hille Foreign Friends

Opening concert | Friday 28 June

The musicians in the band all have different countries of origin and have found a home in Finland. The roots of Foreign Frends can be traced to Sweden, Turkey, Iceland, Germany and Ethiopia.

They played their first gig together at Viapori Jazz Festival in 2016 to smashing press reviews. The repertoire consists of classic Finnish and Swedish songs re-arranged for the jazz idiom, but instantly recognizeable.

This multicultural constellation finds new grounds with fresh interpretations, without forgetting where songs comes from.

Anni Elif Egecioglu – vocals
Sigurdur Rognvaldsson – guitar
Sid Hille – keyboard
Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa – drums & percussion

Blues Night | 21.00
Lena & The Slide Brothers

Lena & The Slide Brothers

Blues Night | Friday 28 June

Since 2009, this collective has seamlessly combined American blues and roots influences. As the name implies, the slide guitar is featured prominently.

On the debut album Turn It On from 2010, the band operates with mostly acoustic instruments. Today, they sport a more electrified approach.

The third album The Road has been praised in music magazines throughout Europe and the record has been played frequently by blues radio stations all over the world.

At The Finnish Blues Awards Gala in 2017, Lena & The Slide Brothers picked up prizes for both best band and best song of the year.

The musical roots are obvious, but the band strive to broaden their musical palette, as presented to the audience at the Kalottjazz & Blues Festival Blues Night!

Lena Lindroos – vocals, bass
Matti Kettunen – guitars, vocals
Ykä Putkinen – guitars, vocals
Juha Litmanen – drums, percussion

BigFeet & LaLa

BigFeet & LaLa

Blues Night | Friday 28 June

Flexible blues and soul singer Marjo Leinonen started her career as a soloist in legendary Finnish outfit Balls in the late eighties.

This queen of phrasing has since graced a numerous bands in related genres, sung in a Janis Joplin musical and Mika Kaurismäki’s film Zombie.

In 2014, Leinonen received the Jemma award from the Finnish Blues Lovers association.

By her side onstage, guitar legend slash producer slash composer Jukka Orma. Earlier, Orma was a member of legendary Finnish band Sielun Veljet but has also released records in his own name. In 2016, he received the Soundi award presented by a popular Finnish music magazine.

Leinonen and Orma are two naturals together, with the sound enhanced by a dynamic drum-and-bass duo.

Marjo Leinonen – vocals
Jukka Orma – guitars
Mikko Murtomaa – bass
Sami Vettenranta – drums

Dr. Helander & Third Ward feat. Little Willie Mehto

Dr. Helander & Third Ward feat. Little Willie Mehto

Blues Night | Friday 28 June

With his whiskey-tinged voice, charismatic Dr. Helander is one profiled artist. His physical being, churning blues riffs and the muscular sound of the band will have the audience spellbound into the wee hours. On stage with Helander, native blues minister Esa Kuloniemi on guitar, deputy drummer Moses Kuloniemi (son of the minister!) and harmonica virtuoso Little Willie Mehto. A combo with an interplay that will melt frozen souls.

Dr. Helander – guitar, vocals
Esa Kuloniemi – bass, guitar, vocals
Moses Kuloniemi – drums, vocals
Little Willie Mehto – harmonica, vocals

Saturday 29 June

Open Air Jazz | 13.30
Fyra glada musikanter

Fyra glada musikanter

Open Air Jazz | Saturday 29 June

Kalottjazz & Blues proudly presents yet another co-operation with aspiring professional musicians, whereby they get a chance to play on a proper festival stage. The youngsters will also get the opportunity to mingle with experienced players and form contact nets.

Fyra glada musikanter are all in their early twenties and have played together in various incarnations. This particular formation is, however, completely fresh and they are all looking forward to the Open Air gig at Kalottjazz & Blues this summer.

Isidor and Märta are currently studying jazz at Framnäs folk high school. Andreas is a so called jazz candidate at the Piteå college of Music and Kajsa studies jazz piano in Bollnäs.

At Kalottjazz & Blues, Fyra glada musikanter will perform songs for a wide audience, with everything from jazzed-up childrens songs to numbers for the whole family.

Märta Dahlström – vocals
Kajsa Lindberg – piano
Andreas Grönberg – double bass
Isidor Abdelkader – drums

RIIHI Jazz | 15.00
Milo & Moses

Milo & Moses

RIIHI Jazz | Saturday 29 June

Milo & Moses were aquainted at school and they soon discovered they had a mutual love for jazz. They formed a band at the tender age of 13 and have in the course of five years recorded three albums. A unique item in Finnish jazz history, these wonder kids tour regularly.

19 year old bass player Jon Pettersson is senior in a combo renowned in the press and with plenty of air play to go with that.

Milo & Moses offer groove jazz of the hippest kind and sport a musical maturity way beyond their years. Experience a bold adventure in the barn at Åström during Riihi Jazz on Saturday and listen to the future.

Milo Mäkelä – guitar
Mooses Kuloniemi – drums
Jon Pettersson – double bass

Jazz at Art Park | 16.00
Emma Salokoski & Ilmiliekki Quartet

Emma Salokoski & Ilmiliekki Quartet

Jazz at Art Park | Saturday 29 June

Talented singer and interpretator Emma Salokoski has, among other honours, received the prestigious Emma award as vocalist of the year. During her long career, she has performed with top notch musicians i Finland, including a project with a symphony orchestra as well as performer at various rock festivals. She has also released several albums in her own name.

In 2009, a jazz record by her and Ilmiliekki Quartet called Vi sålde våra hemman was praised by critics, with music based on traditional Swedish folk songs. It has been followed by Ligger du fortfarande i sängen! released last November, with music to poems in Swedish and Finland-Swedish. The album was born out of a necessity to address issues of rootlessness and challenges in our time.

Ilmiliekki Quartet is internationally renowned and features trumpet player Verneri Pohjola, pianist Tuomo Prättälä, basist Antti Lötjönen and drummer Olavi Louhivuori. This brilliant constellation opens at the Jazz at Art Park stage on the second day of Kalottjazz & Blues.

Emma Salokoski – vocals
Verneri Pohjola – trumpet
Tuomo Prättälä – piano
Antti Lötjönen – bass
Olavi Louhivuori – drums

Thymeshift + Amsler

Thymeshift + Amsler

Jazz at Art Park | Saturday 29 June

This is a new, exiting collaboration between Swedish trio Thymeshift and Danish keyboard player Katrine Amsler! The four players make up a dynamic and innovative band moving in a territory between rock, jazz, electronic music, acoustic expressions and improvisation.

Thymeshift was formed in 2010 and the members Johan Björklund, Thomas Gunillasson and Thomas Backman have since created a sound distinctly their own – with Icelandic force in guitarist Hilmar Jensson. The co-operation has resulted in a unit both powerful and sensitive. They take the music in directions unheard of before, combining programmed electronic beats with cinematic soundscapes performed with a rock edge.
Now, this collective has a new play mate in Katrine Amsler.
Creative beauty!

Katrine Amsler – keyboards, electronics
Thomas Gunillasson – guitar, electronics
Malin Wättring – saxophone
Johan Björklund – drums

Photo: Magnus Bergström

Lisa Nilsson & Norrbotten Big Band

Lisa Nilsson & Norrbotten Big Band

Jazz at Art Park | Saturday 29 June

Lisa Nilsson is one of the biggest acts in Scandinavia. A trained dancer, she made her debut as stage and record artist in the late eighties.

Her big breaktrough came in 1992 with the record Himlen runt hörnet and she has since released eleven solo albums. Lisa Nilsson is active in many musical spheres and has broadened her repertoire during the nineties. Nowadays, she writes own songs and happily sings jazz and Brasilian flavoured music.

She has toured Europe and Australia with many prominent musicians. To our joy, she performs with Norrbotten Big Band during Kalottjazz & Blues, a collective she has worked with before. Norrbotten Big Band has been nominated for several Grammies and the players are always happy to stretch boundaries together with guest artists from all over the planet.

The concert is a part of ARCTICPULSE.EU – a project including everything from traditional artists to the very latest on the northernmost arenas of Scandinavia. Feel the elevating and inspiring vibes – THE ARCTIC PULSE!

Lisa Nilsson – vocals

Joakim Milder – bandleader

Håkan Broström
Janne Thelin
Mats Garberg
Robert Nordmark
Per Moberg

Bo Strandberg
Magnus Ekholm
Danne Johansson
Jacek Onuszkiewicz

Peter Dahlgren
Michal Tomaszczyk
Christine Carlsson
Björn Hängsel

Pål Svenre – piano
Mattias Torell – guitar
Petter Olofsson – bass
Sebastian Ågren – drums

Mats Lundstedt – technician

Photo: Morgan Norman

Summer Light Music | 21.00 Alatornio church
Nina Tapio Trio

Nina Tapio Trio

Summer Light Music | Saturday 29 June

Nina Tapio is a famous Finnish singer and songwriter with experience from many levels of the national music business.

Apart from her singing career, she has been head judge on Finnish tv-show Idols, participated in the Eurovision Song Contest and is one of the most requested studio singers in her country.

During the years 1998-2003, she sang on a couple of albums with the group Adiemus Singers – a combo that toured around the world.

This spring, Tapio releases her first solo record. At the church concert Summer Light Music at Kalottjazz, this soft voice performs with a pianist and a saxophone player.

Nina Tapio – vocals
Petri Somer – piano
Heikki Pohto – saxophone