35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Sanna Ruohoniemi Quartet
Sanna Ruohoniemi | Photo: Henrika Kurkimäki

Sanna Ruohoniemi – vocals
David Bennet – saxophone
Arvid Jullander – bass
Simon Andersson – drums

Finnish jazz singer and composer Sanna Ruohoniemi has a band with Swedish musicians, and as a unit the quartet interprets contemporary sounds with both force and finesse. They have their musical roots in traditional jazz, with influences from Nordic folk music and free improvisation. This combo catch the attention of the listeners with playfulness and catchy melodies, with profound lyrics and Ruohoniemi´s mesmerizing voice on top.

35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Ida Bang & The Blue Tears
Ida Bang & The Blue Tears | Photo: Kitty Lingmerth

Ida Bang – vocals
John Bernström – guitar
Leo Henriksson – guitar
Patrik Engström – bass
Leo Sund – drums

35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Aili Ikonen
Aili Ikonen | Photo: Tero Ahonen

Aili Ikonen – vocals
Mikko Pellinen – bass
Janne Toivonen – trumpet
William Suvanne – saxophone, flute
Tuomas J. Turunen – piano
Mikko Arlin – drums

Aili Ikonen is one of the most prominent and popular singers in Finland, and released her latest album last autumn. The record displays a more sensitive and personal side of Ikonen, with tales of fleeting moments, intense thirst and colors dissolved in water. The songs are captivating and enchanting, full of nuances and ethereal sounds. The tunes are derived from observations and situations in all walks of life – quiet happiness, longing for carefree adolescence and the fulfillment of love.
The album is a brave step in a new direction, in both Ikonen’s career and Finnish vocal jazz in general.

35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Favorite Hippies
Favorite Hippies

Örjan Mäki – lead vocals, lead guitar
Johan Mäki – guitar, backing vocals
Daniel Engström – bass, backing vocals
Zacharias Ahlvik – drums

35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Jukka Lamminen & Swing Poppers
Jukka Lamminen & Swing Poppers

Jukka Lamminen – vocals
Julia Lamminen – bass
Julius Rantala – drums
Mika Mustonen – guitar

35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Saverio Maccne & Double Ace
Saverio Maccne & Double Ace

Saverio Maccne – guitar & vocals
Jaakko Konttila – bass
Jeremia Kangas – drums

Saverio Maccne is an Argentinian blues- and rock guitarist, vocalist and composer. He sports a raw and earthy sound, but with control and a competent technique. Maccne´s blues is intense and electric – a sharp expression where his soul is fed directly into the amplifier.
Maccne started playing at the age of 14, often in the tobacco fumes of the pubs in his home town Buenos Aires. Beyond countless blues gigs, he has played with celebrated jazz musicians and also worked as a side-man in other genres. At the Blues Night of the festival he plays with a trio called Double Ace.

35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Anna Järvinen Duo
Anna Järvinen | Photo: Carl Johan De Geer

Anna Järvinen – vocals, harmonica
Fredrik Swahn – piano, guitar, vocals

Singer and composer Anna Järvinen was elected Sweden Finn of the year in 2016, and has been called the most original and talented artist in the country in Swedish media. She has released several Grammy-nominated albums and is frequently in the public eye in both Sweden and her native Finland. Anna´s voice can be described as both strong and fragile. Her interpretations takes the listener into a dream-like landscape where her both languages can roam.

35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children
Ebbot Lundberg & The Indigo Children

Ebbot Lundberg – vocals
Hugo Mårtensson
Elias Jungqvist
Billy Cervin
Joacim Nilsson
Stefan Sydell
Oskar Nylén

Indie icon Ebbot Lundberg launched an international career with the bands Union Carbide Productions and Soundtrack of Our Lives. The latter was nominated for an American Grammy with the album Behind the Music in 2003. Prime time American TV-performances on David Letterman, Jay Leno and Conan O´Brien followed.
Nowadays, kaftan-clad Lundberg tours with his group Indigo Children, speaking directly to the listener with soft songs in his deep voice.
We sincerely welcome a second cousin of jazz to our 35th edition of Kalottjazz & Blues Festival!

35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Diandra
Diandra | Photo: Mikko Harma

Diandra Flores – vocals, violin
Jasmin Mönkkönen – violin
Deirdre Flores – background vocals
Lassi Salin – piano, cajon drums, guitar, vocals

Diandra Flores started her musical journey at a tender age. She took up the violin at six, won her first singing contest at ten and dominated the Finnish Idols show at seventeen. The dailies wrote that she was so far ahead of her competitors that there was no point in continuing the show that season. Diandra has a broad palette and a full-bodied voice. To go with that, warmth and a fatal charm.
Flores thinks of music in terms of colors. – Music is a painting that see inside my head, she explains.
With her violin and her orchestra she provides musical extravagance in Alatornio Church during the concert known as Summer Light Music.

35th Kalottjazz & Blues 2018 - Dölerud Johansson Kvintett
Dölerud Johansson Kvintett | Photo: Kenth Wångklev

Dan Johansson – trumpet
Magnus Dölerud – saxophone
Joel Lyssarides – piano
Palle Danielsson – bass
Fredrik Rundqvist – drums